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MFES: Web-Links

MAY 2017: This page is no longer being maintained, and will eventually be deleted. Most links were last verified 26-FEB-2016.


Alldata Recall and TSB Index, new address 12/98
ASE aka Institute for Auto Service Excellence, w/ car links
AUTOPEDIA The Automotive Encyclopedia, lots 'o carstuff
Carfax Title history and basic VIN-decoder, cars only
Chrysler Manuals owner's, repair, bulletins, etc
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides prices, specs, equip.
iATN aka International Auto Technicians Network; wrenchin' on the 'net
Kelly Blue Book car pricing info
Mr. Fixit Online mechanic-type info
NHTSA car-page Recall and TSB Index must be searched separately
NADA Price Guides values on cars, boats, motorcycles, etc...
Visual Statement has a variety of info for recons
Vehicle Specs Sources:
        Neptune Engineering
        4N6-Expert Systems
        Vehicle Info Profiles
        Vehicle Specs database by Transport Canada is available at McHenry Software though you'll probably have to register to get in.

FMCSA aka the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.
Comm. Vehicle Safey Alliance Out of Service Criteria & Insp. Tools (see their PROGRAM PRODUCTS link)
School Transport News School-bus safety issues, and more

Brown Book Shop lots of technical texts & documents
Chicago Style Manual, or at least some importants parts of it. The full manual is online but costs money to access, HERE.
Charles C Thomas, Publisher - Police Science, AI and AR books
ISO 690-2 How to properly format bibliographic references to electronic media
Elsevier Publishing Lots of European (and more) Technical publications/journals
        Including Accident Analysis & Prevention, Journal of Safety Research, and Engineering Failure Analysis Journal
John Wiley & Sons Publishers of much technical stuff, including their Wiley Interscience site
Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company Lots of reconstruction / forensics / litigation books & stuff
Mediafinder newsletters, journals and magazines finder
National Academy Press On-line bookstore w/ browsing
Powell's Books new, used, out of print. This is where some of the big bookstores find hard-to-find books.
A Thesaurus English Words and Phrases
MW Dictionary "based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary, Tenth Edition"
ARCCA Engineering experts specializing in safety issues (seatbacks, airbags, belts, etc)
Claims Providers of America An expert witness directory
Consolidated Consultants They find an expert for you. Fees are through them.
eWorksMarkets Find a consulting firm.
Expert Pages List of experts - annual fee to list with them, free to look at the list
Expert Witness Network Pay a fee, see their database of experts
Florida Recon The best recon guy I know in the southeast.
Forensic Safety Occupant safety experts
Juris Pro Witness Directory
National Directory of Expert Witnesses Online listing and paperback
The Round Table Group finds "scholars" for speaking engagements, litigation support, and more....
SEA Forensic Engineers
TASA Expert finders, they bump regular rates up and resell experts' time. Fees paid through them.
Tech Med Experts Expert referral
The Genealogy Toolbox A good research place, Lots of info & searches & links
Link-O-Mania Genealogy Reference LOTS of Genealogy Reference Resources.
The Code of Federal Regulations aka CFR's - the search engine is a bit clunky, but it's free. Whatcha want?
Emory Univ. Law School A ton of law-type info
Meta-Index for Legal research searching legal databases (court decisions, etc...)
Law Library, Univ.of Indiana state gov't web sites and searchable law resources database
FindLaw From West's Legal Directory..Find info on a lawyer....
Washburn Univ. School of Law State laws, court rulings, lots of stuff
American Society of Mechanical Engineers as the name might imply...
ANSI homepage..... Internet resources: a big list of standards organizations on the ANSI site, including ASTM, SAE, ISO, etc
Conversion Factors for about a zillion units
DATRON & Corrsys non-contact velocity sensors and more
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society no comment required
McMaster Carr industrial supplies, but they won't send me a catalog 'cause my company is too small
Machine Design Online magazine for enginerds
MatWeb Materials data
NCEES The people who write & administer PE tests
NSPE aka National Society of Professional Engineers
       NAFE or Nat'l Academy of Forensic Engineers, a subgroup of NSPE
Society of Automotive Engineers a self-explanatory title formerly CSS Info - purveyors of a variety of standards.
Testmart used testing equipment.
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers Like the paper version, only FREE
US Patent Office A big database of, you guessed it, patents.
Working Model Really cool motion analysis software
Zeno's Forensic Page you name it in forensics, it's here
The Dilbert Zone Need I say more?
eBay internet-Auction Classifieds
Mapquest Maps and driving directions (which seem to be way off on expected travel time lately)
Google Maps Streetview rocks.
Rec.humor.funny laughter is the best meds: lots of jokes here
Those Were the Days This day in history
CENSUS STUFF all kinds of data compiled by the feds with the 2000 census
Webring A neat place for surfing.
Moc'l Consumer News The most honest magazine; with the best bike-value guide.
Cycle News
Motorcycle Online an e-zine and general bike-site
Motorcycle Safety Foundation Who are they and what do they do? for more interesting stuff, Visit the MCN website (above) and search MSF - there's a bunch of articles on what the MSF appears to REALLY be up to...a little scary.
Roadracing World motorcycle roadracing news...
Color test-page a page to play with color combos & get BRG values
HTML Code Tutorial One of the sites the NCSA now sends people to since they took their HTML guide offline. Looks good.
HTML goodies some of everything for HTML reference & use (one of my favorites)
SPEED TEST Test your upload and download speeds
ACTAR the only national recon. cert program. There were 725 accredited folk in Jan 2001, and over 1000 as of 02/07. I'm one of them.
Canadian Road Safety Professionals
C-Design A big list of reconstruction resources
IIHS Insurance Intitute for Highway Safety
Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators a UK group
Macinnis Engineering Fifth wheel & low-speed gurus
Neptune Engineering The crush-data people
Tar-Weblog A Web-Log for Traffic Accident Recon, get it?
Traffic Accident Report Forms for all States Compliments of the US Gummint...well that one seems broken, so try thisACTAR state overlay page
Vericom a cool tool for measuring car stuff

Alta Vista Used to be my personal favorite, but now I mostly just google
Beaucoup Search Engines Gateway to LOTS of engines
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts fee-based searches
Dogpile Another gateway to search several engines at once.
Engineering Information Inc. Search a bunch of databases, small fees
Excite NetSearch popular....
FOUR 11 email & name finder (apparently bought out by Yahoo)
Galaxy "the professional's guide to a world of information"
Superpages Formerly GTE, now Verizon Yellow Pages and more, search by company, state, name, etc..
InfoSpace Infospace search
Lycos Latin for Wolf Spider, I'm told, I like this one ok, but has "internal spider errors" when I try to submit my site to it. Go figure.
I-Tools A GREAT all-in-one research site: language translators, thesaurus, mailing services, phonebooks, currency converters and more
WebCrawler From America Online, works pretty well
Transport Research Board look-up service based on titles, authors, source of the document etc.
NTIS More tax dollars at work.
UMTRI Library They'll copy anything they've got for $.30 per page - much cheaper than NTIS for the same stuff!

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