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Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC
    Greetings! My name is Wade Bartlett. After 30 years of doing this work, with an eye towards the end-game, I am no longer accepting new clients. That's why there is no CV here. Or sales pitch. I will leave this page up for informational purposes for at least a while. The papers and essays are mostly related to things that interested me, friction testing, motorcycle dynamics, driver and rider performance and behavior, and event data recorders.  
Technical Essays *TPMS & Tire Fires 
*Skids and Skid Testing
*Book reviews/errata
*Braking, Brake Failure, Sudden Acceleration
*Monte Carlo Analysis, Cammed-Over Truck Brakes
*Conservation of Linear Momentum, VIN analysis
*Lamp Filaments, Triangulation Scene Mapping, and more.

Papers authored by Wade Bartlett *Motorcycle crash reconstruction
*Speed calculations through various techniques
*Driver abilities and performance
*Heavy truck brake calculations & analysis
*Uncertainty & Monte Carlo techniques
*Witness accuracy
*Drag Sleds & Friction testing

Contact MFES *How to contact Mechanical Forensics (NOTE: The legacy phone number starting with "603-332" has been replaced!)

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