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Here, you'll find pictures, links, and commentary roughly divided into two categories: motorcycles (see below) and everything else,
which may include other vehicles, snakes, math/science, child-artwork,flowers, engineering, puns, trees, firearms,
philosophical mumbo-jumbo, diabetes, fun with words, and whetever else catches my fancy.

Bikes (YSR50, 1982 Pantah), HD FXRT bits, and some other stuff, too.

Elk Hunting in Wyoming 2008
My adventure in Wyoming to hunt elk in the Grand Teton national park. (added 17NOV2008)

MISC. PHOTOS & RAMBLINGS (New items 02MAY2007)
Visually and intellectually the world is a wonderful, amazing, amusing, and sometimes disturbing place.

People on mopeds, bicycles, and cars carrying stuff they shouldn't. (Added 02/14/07)

DIABETES More than you wanted to know about my experience with diabetes. (updated 25JUN04)

A BUNCH OF PUNS The lowest form of humor. (updated 09NOV2002)

A wicked funny audio clip about engineers It's from an episode of the Dilbert cartoon titled "The Knack."
The male voice is the garbage man, dressed up as the doctor.
The woman's voice is Dilbert's mom. It leaves me ROTFLMAO....
The video clip can be found online here or on YouTube here, among other places.

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Where do you fit in the political spectrum? Maybe not where you think.

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut I love this exploration of words. (added 25 dec 02)

Portraits of Sir Isaac Newton Where would we be without him?

Bored? Go to Google and read about the most recently discovered
elements: ADMINISTRATIUM (Ad) (aka governmentium), and WOMANIUM, Wo
ask 1 2 B 1

I collect 1966 motorcycle license plates. If you've got one that you'd be willing to part with, drop me a line, eh?

RACE REPORTS My racing adventures in words and pictures, 1998 THRU 2007. I'm now retired.

A 1982 article praising the belt-drive Pantah 600 (2.7Mb).

My Flickr page with some pictures of my Pantah and other things

  • Cycle Mag's review of the EX
  • A list of tools I suggest you get to work on your own bike
  • A racing-spares kit list
  • A gear-ratio table for sprocket selection & calculating top speed
  • Various pictures of me & my EX
  • Wiring diagram for a race-oriented wiring harness
  • My Experiences putting ZX6 and FZR4 swingers in EX500 frames,
    including photos and prints for the captive spacers to mount
    an F2 rear wheel in a ZX6 swingarm and more.
SUZUKI SV650 STUFF Tips collected from the SV list

SUZUKI KATANA 750 STUFF Pictures of my '92 Ka-tuna.
It is in Dean's garage now, but we ride together occasionally still. I kinda miss this bike.

MOTORCYCLE & RACING LINKS Here's my page of various links (updated 09NOV2002)

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